18th July 2018

Well here goes...

                            I remember the good old days, when I found music and my first keyboard. Music was new to me and so were my dreams, I think these days a lot of musicians will feel the same way, that in all fairness as the time wore on and each new setback was overidden and set right a new one was discovered. For an independant artist like myself, even though I thought I was collaborating well with my fellow musicians can suddenly find that if I had had that lucky break might have become wealthy in money terms early on... then things would have been right. If I had been earning lots of money I could have supported myself and usually the female I was trying to impress at the time. What I wasn't seeing was that a life with these women was better than anything money or music had to offer! There are so many women I have let down thinking that to appear on a stage would somehow be the answer... At 23 I found the right one! or so i thought, and again tried to woe her with my music. She was 21 and Oh so beautiful. I was too stupid and had spent too long alone to jump for her attempts to get us together although everything seemed to be like some hazy dream I remember that one night the good dream turned into a nightmare and people turned against me...I'm now 50, dreams of what do I have now? The music isn't selling. I once stood tall and proud and I had a future to look forward to. and I moan and groan! really maybe this was what I was born for, is the search for a partner over? Can I still father a child at my age? Do I have children I dont know about, or is there a nice single mum out there that would take me on board? Is it already over for two of the musicians I worked with now they are on Crack? and have I a chance to make this site a success still? 



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