News: 19/11/2018

Hi people....

                    Well, in this business, must be the hardest thing to make a name for oneself. I dont hear from Maz and Mark anymore. I just hope they are well. I don't think the involvement was a waste of time completely, and do miss them. 

               One good result was a play on community radio of "All Wounds Will Heal" for which we got paid a small sum of money. It's really the first income we have got for any of our works.

                Christmas is coming up. I hope a few people buy the Christmas song from this site. Other than that, all i can say to people is that I feel proud to have worked with the other musicians and the songs are on this site for you to enjoy as well.

Over and out for now!

Make me a millionaire! Lol

                                           Jeremy Goldfinch.

P.S My new song "Anybody's Guess?" has been completed. It's GREAT!!! Favourite... will be adding it soon...


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