The Last Jedician!

Well, greetings to you oh being from another dimension... Jedician/Musician/Songwriter/Singer... I know who I am anyway!

I started writing poems when i was very young and then when I was about 15 I bought my first Casio keyboard. They were all the rage those days and it recorded 2 tunes in the memory as I remembered. I wrote a piece called "Ghost Inside My Heart" I felt so empowered with all aspects of what creating music means to me. I find it difficult to describe actually. When anyone gets up in front of a mike and sings or plays it means different things to them.

Anyway that was then, I've tried out in bands like "Chaos Theory" but played off key and wouldn't admit it, wrote three songs with another band, i cant remember what we were called but i seem to remember the lyrics "She is my sister, she is my mother, she is my brother, she is my lover, she is my sweet little Angel and i love her just the same as I love this song... "Good old Rob on lead!" Then there was the studio days and paying musicians, then "The Argonauts" who became... "The Antidote" and I did check the availability of that name at the time and nothing came back from Google, recently though I checked again and (THEY) had appeared so I ended up calling The musicians I work or have worked with "The Antidote Original Band" Now I use a much more elaborate studio that seems to deliver digital quality sound and am proceeding to load music written over the course of my 49 years.... I hope you try listening to the free demo song "J.M" which comes up with all my tracks, so you can try before you buy! Hopefully I won't have to remove any songs and I think that in total I can probably load up 150 old songs but these days it's so much more of a joy to write and I see NEW ones will be here too! Please enjoy the reduced prices and of course! "May The Music Never Die!"

                                                             Jeremy Goldfinch

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  • Hi Gerry I have just listens to you’re semi and I really like it I have still got some CD or you’re other music witch I still listen to sometimes if I buy some tracks from this site how will I get them is in war format cheers mate

    Gavin duffy

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