The new beginning

Today is the end of a very long tedious and arduous involvement with two people I believed were musicians when I first met them. Their music is on some of the songs on this site. I don't know what I can say really. Time has revealed to me that the way forward for me is to discontinue seeing or doing music with them. My problem has been gambling. Theirs, drugs. Now I sought help for my addiction and have found it at G.A. (Gamblers Anonymous) and am getting back on the straight and narrow. Though it will take time. I have done some little work recently as well and am actively pursuing that avenue. I have written a lot of music on my own, and a lot involving other musicians, but I want to be a solo artist now. From now on I will not gamble. From now on I will work. And I hope that you the listener to the creations on this site can and will do the best to battle your demons also and find the strength and courage to succeed...


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