Your Money and The Charity...

Once upon a time I started writing music. I had dreams of becoming wealthy. I thought, If i have money I can do so much... and I'm sure I can earn it through writing music, it was my passion, music. I've come to realize something as I've developed. the purpose of this site is to share my music with other people and work towards a common aim. This aim for us I have selected from a large number of charities. The reason I want to earn money from you paying for the music you listen to is so I can send of half of it to people of all ages that have sight problems. Most of the people we will be helping are living in the third world and simply can not afford to pay for medical treatment.. whether it's someone with cataracts that have become increasingly restrictive. or some young children that have been born blind and yet a simple operation can let them see the world for the first time! Imagine that! to suddenly be able to see the face of your mother and father! Be sure that I will be actively investing half the money I receive from you for the music I publish on this site on such people... Please give for this cause.


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